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Acsys Veraport uses our advanced face tracking and recognition technology to provide the ultimate in non-intrusive biometric access control. Acsys Veraport provides a complete, user-friendly access control solution for small- to medium-scale facilities - up to 256 access points and 100,000 users.
New in Acsys Veraport:

  • Dual biometric capability – can be implemented in a number of different combinations: Card + Face; Card + Face + Finger; Card + Face + PIN; Card only
  • Streamlined enrollment procedures – soft enrollment eliminates delays, permits addition of users even if client is disconnected from server; new images added for template update during normal operation; images filtered for maximal pattern variation; heuristic scripting of interactive enrollment speech/text
  • Improved image processing – dual image filtering based on sharpness and saturation; automatic brightness compensation in region of tracked face
  • Reduction in template size – a templates now occupies only 8KB for faster loading
  • Template encryption – templates can be encrypted for additional security
  • Group-based permissions – assign access permissions and schedules by user or group

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