The Acsys FRS Developer’s Kit (SDK) contains face finding and
face recognition technologies designed for use in one-to-one
verification scenarios, such as access control or time and attendance,
and one-to-many identification scenarios, such a identifying people in a

The FRS SDK technology supersedes technology found within all other face
recognition vendors. Contains high level DCOM objects for real-time face
tracking (30 FPS for up to 16 people simultaneously), face recognition,
multimedia (video and static image) control, operating from stand-alone
configurations up to three-tier FRS client/FRS server/database or web
server architectures. Our system supports up to 4000 client
installations and millions of enrolled users.

Advanced utilities provide automated or manually synchronization of
clients with the central database server. Client machines can perform
all functions (face tracking, verification, identification and
enrollment) while disconnected from the central database or FRS server.
Data synchronization occurs automatically upon reconnection of the
client to the existing FRS installation. Compatibility with Windows CE
provides support for mobile and wireless biometric applications.All technology is encapsulated as DCOM modules operating from standard
ATL interface for compatibility with Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft
Visual Basic, Borland Delphi and most other Windows application
development environments.Acsys Multimedia Control: a DCOM support for image display/overlay using
the latest DirectX 8.1 drivers and import of static images in most
standard formats.
Acsys Enrollment Control: enroll a person from video or static images
(JPEG, BMP, etc.) and create a database of facial biometric templates
for later use in verification (one-to-one identification). The system
allows the user to store enrolled images for later retrieval.
Acsys Verification Control: finds faces within video input or static
images (JPEG, BMP, etc.), and verifies them against a database of facial
biometric templates.Acsys Classification Control: finds faces within video input or static images (JPEG, BMP, etc.), and generates a list of closest matches
against a database of facial biometric templates. The classification
operation (One-to-many identification) is performed against 100K individuals/second.Acsys Tracking Control: finds and tracks faces within video input, and tracks up to 16 individuals simultaneously at full 30 Frames Per Second.
Provides control for P/Z/T for autoscanning systems, tracking of
intruders, etc.
Acsys Database Control: provides all interfaces necessary to add.
delete, and retrieve biometric templates, images and users from the
central database. Provides the ability to import/export users and
related information between separate installations of the FRS system.
Acsys Communication Control: provides support for LAN, WAN or web based
communication between FRS server and central database server and up to
4000 FRS clients
Demo Applications: example enrollment, verification and classification
application source code written in VC++.

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP and Server editions

Develop with either Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 or above, Microsoft Visual
Basic 5.0 or above, Borland Delphi 5.0 or above

800 MHz Intel Pentium Compatible or Higher

128 MB RAM minimum

200 MB free disk space Video for Windows (VFW) compatible capture system

Download Acsys Technology Summary (PDF)