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Acsys Biometrics provides biometric identity authentication products, as well as integration and software engineering services for government agencies and enterprises in numerous industries, including:


Biometric security solutions are all about reducing risks.

No security solution can fully guarantee the safety of facilities, data, and personnel, but a well designed biometric security solution implemented within a well considered policy framework provides the ultimate in accountability and the best possible protection against identity theft.

We will consult with you to determine the best biometric solutions for you and your organizations. We will design, build, and implement biometric solutions that protect personnel, data, and facilities from unauthorized access.

As the crime of identity theft grows exponentially, due diligence demands that organizations act responsibly and proactively to reduce the risks.

Health Care
With the introduction of recent privacy legislation, the protection of private medical data has become paramount. Acsys provides the technological means to ensure the protection of this data.
Biometric authentication provides the ultimate in identity authentication. Therefore, it is the logical choice to help health care providers meet stringent data and privacy protection requirements such as the new U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).



We are not strangers to the rigorous requirements of scientific research. Our cutting-edge facial biometric technology is the product of many years of scientific research and experimental development.

We can use our understanding of complex technologies and R&D environments to assist you with the development of solutions to help your organization achieve its objectives. We can bridge gaps in your internal development teams, provide third-party reviews of project plans, specifications and code, and advise on technology trends.

To help you with your R&D efforts, we can:

  • Build the tools you need to perform research effectively and administer projects efficiently
  • Maximize the existing computer power of your network through distributed computing
  • Implement neural networks to find patterns and predict process outcomes
  • Implement genetic search capabilities to find solutions to problems in multidimensional space
  • Develop theoretical algorithm implementations and simulation software
  • Optimize algorithms to improve performance on low cost Intel architectures
  • Implement databases for cataloging research results with easy-to-use interfaces on multiple platforms
  • Develop image analysis solutions

Financial Services
As a developer of biometric solutions, Acsys Biometrics can help you integrate biometrics with your existing applications or re-engineer solutions to include biometrics.
We believe biometric identity authentication will figure prominently in the future of banking, because it provides the ultimate in accountability and an indisputable audit trail. We can help you build the future of banking now.

We can help you:

  • Reduce online fraud
  • Reduce costs
  • Enhance revenues
  • Manage risk
  • Implement biometric authentication for ATMs
  • Implement Web access to online banking
  • Consolidate disparate security applications for banking and bank facilities

We are experienced at building solutions from complex requirements. We are an end-to-end solution provider that can help you with all your biometric security needs.