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The Acsys FRS SDK allows third-party developers to implement our advanced facial biometric technology within their own security applications. The SDK provides tracking, enrollment, verification, classification, database, communication, and multimedia controls. It is also accompanied by demo applications with sample enrollment, verification, and classification application source code written in Visual C++.

The SDK uses Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) technology to provide real-time face tracking, and face recognition that can be implemented in a stand-alone configuration, or within 3-tier architectures (FRS client/FRS server/central database). The SDK also provides support for LAN, WAN or Web-based communication between the FRS server, the central database server, and up to 4000 FRS clients.

Advanced utilities provide automated and/or manual synchronization of clients with the central database. Client machines can perform all functions (face tracking, verification, identification and enrollment) while disconnected from the FRS server and central database. Data synchronization occurs automatically upon reconnection of the client to the FRS network.

The current release of the SDK includes the following enhancements:

  • Significantly increased speed of operation
  • Independent tracking threads - up to 16 per client machine
  • Biometric template compression for a three-fold reduction in template size
  • Local caching of temples on client machine for vastly reduced network traffic
  • Significantly increased 2D database search speed
  • Spoof detection (i.e., differentiation between a photograph and a live person)

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