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Acsys FRS Discovery gives you the opportunity to explore the full range of possibilities for biometric authentication within your organization without a major up-front investment in software and hardware peripherals.

FRS Discovery provides dual-biometric authentication, combining the advanced face recognition capabilities of the Acsys Face Recognition System (Acsys FRS) with fingerprint recognition on a standalone PC.
FRS Discovery provides the following leading-edge functionality:

  • Tracking of multiple faces simultaneously in real time
  • Enrollment of facial images from a live or recorded video stream
  • Enrollment of facial images from a static image (JPEG)
  • Identification (one-to-many authentication) from a video stream
  • Verification (one-to-one authentication) from a video stream
  • Database search for a specific individual

The Acsys FRS Discovery 2.3 package is provided as an OCX control to facilitate integration into custom applications.

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