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The field of biometrics is very old, and yet very young. Looking at new technological approaches, we may forget that forensic criminology has been using fingerprints to determine identity for a full century. Many of us may not be aware that rudimentary biometric techniques formed the basis of international trade thousands of years ago. While many biometric technologies are on the new leading edge, the biometric theory on which they are founded is ancient.

As ancient as many biometric concepts are, they are still not widely understood. The adoption rate of biometric technologies will be in part dependent on the rate at which decision-makers and consumers can be educated regarding these concepts. We offer the AcSys Biometrics Knowledge Base as an aid to understanding. It contains a wealth of information on biometric concepts and issues.

An educated citizen is, after all, our best customer.

Biometric Fundamentals

Defining Biometrics

The Place of Biometrics