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What is HNeT?

HNeT technology is modeled on the workings of the human brain. In fact, it employs the same terms as neurophysiology, referring to such things as cortical cells and synapses.

HNeT - Holographic Neural Technology - defines how single neuron cells are capable of learning stimulus-response memories instantly in real time. It defines how a single neuron cell with only a few synapses can learn abstractions, such as a human face, a spoken word, a hand printed letter, and more.

Putting HNeT onto a desktop computer allows a synthetic neuron cell to learn tens of thousands of stimulus-response memories in less than a minute, and respond to tens of thousands of stimulus patterns in less than one second.

HNeT has evolved far beyond the scope of single neural cells. AND Corporation, proprietary worldwide owners of this technology, has developed systems that allow us to allocate large numbers of holographic/quantum neural cells, and combine these into cell assemblies, much like cell assemblies found in the human cortex.

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